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A R T U R O   B E R N E D

Procesos y Principios

November 14, 2019 - January 25, 2020

We present the first exhibition in our gallery of Arturo Berned (Madrid, 1966), a sculptor of reference in the field of geometric art, creator of suggestive, expressive, physically forceful and materially delicate and exquisite works. His formal proposals, sometimes contained, sometimes overflowing, together with the light and shadows generated by the works in their relationship with space, aspire to transcend the gaze and perception of the spectator in order to connect him with ideas, sensations and feelings associated with concepts linked to the universe, to the human being and to History and the language of art.

Alfonso de la Torre, curator and art theorist, and author of the text in the catalogue that the gallery has published for the exhibition, points out that “Berned’s creations constitute a journey of form, but also a voyage towards knowledge through the questions it poses. His sculptural work becomes another writing to be deciphered, an apparatus for meaning, recalling the birth and culmination of the arts in what Octavio Paz called an invisible zone”.